Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Nature of Disease Experienced by David Roy Case Study

The Nature of Disease Experienced by David Roy - Case Study Example As per(Wedro,2013) â€Å"TIAs are often warning signs of a future stroke. The risk of a stroke increases dramatically in the days after a transient ischemic attack† He had speech trouble, difficulty in walking and lower extremity hemiparesis. He is a 51-year-old Hotel Operations Manager who is a working student. David Roy on the visibility of physical difficulty was taken to doctor by his wife in order to understand his health condition. The patient on the onset of the disease was suggested to undergo CT scan, MRI, and Cardiac enzyme test. It was diagnosed that the patient had mini-stroke which is called TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) sites in the heart region. According to (MNT,2009)â€Å" Health experts say a TIA may be a warning. Approximately 30% of people who have a TIA eventually go on to have a stroke†. The intervention was done by the family member who is wife as she is the one who confronted the symptoms of the patient. On witnessing the same, the patient was taken to doctor where medical intervention occurred. Cardiologist conducted CT scan, MRI and Cardiac enzyme test to unleash the medical condition. Conclusion -The patient is on medication and is following strict exercise regimes and eating habits along with medication. He is suggested to take less stress and follow light physical activity and frequent medical checkups. The aim of this case study is to analyze the health condition and explore the living condition of the patient called David Roy. The objective of this health case study is to understand the effect of heart disease on a healthy man and how it can change his lifestyle and living quality. This case study will also look into the reasons behind heart problem and medical intervention possible for the same. A case study reveals the family history of a patient and also projects the problems encountered by a person while suffering a disease. This subject of heart disease of David Roy is important as it gives chance to evaluate the pros and cons of unhealthy living and matters to concentrate in case of adverse diseased conditions. Studying deep into the disease condition of a heart patient, one can understand the nature of health problem and the remedies attached to it. The patient David Roy was a healthy person and leads a normal life with a standard exercise regime. The case study is importan t in highlighting the steps taken by the family members of the patient in observing the person and the symptoms displayed by him during the course of the heart problem. It will also unravel the uncertainties and impact of disease on the specific individual.   

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