Thursday, September 26, 2019

Quality Management Assessment Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Quality Management Assessment Summary - Essay Example stomer’s expectations, quality management programs are put in place to ensure that services rendered to customers meet the suggestions brought forth by customers through suggestion boxes and social network forums. Quality management assessment is also carried out to identify problems facing various departments of the hospital. This purpose is achieved because in the course of assessing staff and departmental heads for the quality of service they render, the opportunity comes for management to know common areas that staff normally falls short – therefore common problems of the hospital. Quality management assessment also paves way for building strong commitment among workers. The commitment building sets in as employees are constantly assured that management are concerned about their problems and take steps towards solving. Finally through quality management assessment, opportunity is created to promote open decision-making among workers of the hospital because quality m anagement assessment is conducted in a democratic and open manner where all workers are given the opportunity to bring on board problems that face them in their departments. Quality management assessment has several components that come together to make the phenomenon more of a process rather than an event. Because it is a process, quality management assessment comes with a number of key concepts. Three of such concepts are that quality management assessment applies analytical tools, uses process techniques and integrates other management concepts. Kaluzny, McLaughlin and Simpson (1992) notes that quality management assessment employs analytical tools â€Å"such as flow and statistical charts and check sheets, to gather data about activities within an organization.† This means that quality management assessment opens itself up to quantitative analysis that makes results gathered from quality management assessments very empirical and reliable. On process techniques, there is always the adoption of

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