Tuesday, September 10, 2019

I hop you can do that for me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

I hop you can do that for me - Essay Example It serves as a guide to improve service delivery during field operations near and within the communities researched. The Aboriginal people are the indigenous people of Australia who have remained in the same place since the time of creation. Just like many other religions, the Aboriginal religion is signified by having one or multiple gods believed to be the creator of the people and the surround the environment. The Aboriginal people are highly religious and spiritual with everyone within the community subscribed to the religion. The distinguishing factor of the aboriginal people is that the groups within the society pray to different deities usually depicted in tangible or recognizable images forms. These images may take the form of a rock art shelter, a plant, an animal or a landscape feature (The Four Directions Teachings). The deity could embody a landscape feature such as a particular rock which represents a specific figure or could be a result of something that occurred during the creation of the deity. An example of such is a symbol of a river which was formed when the rainbow serpent crossed the area during the creation period or a rock that has a depression which represents either a footprint or a sitting location of an ancestral being. Animism (the belief that natural objects have a soul) is unheard of within the Aboriginal people. A rock, for instance doesn’t possess a soul but it may represent a deity back from when the universe was being created. Reincarnation is also another major belief where animals and plants interchange with human life and that at one point in time, plants were people. As earlier mentioned, the religion of these people is varied amongst the different groups within the larger society. The deities according to the Four Directions Teachings of the Aboriginal people have different responsibilities which are almost impossible to describe with words but

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