Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 8

Summary - Essay Example The difference between these two people lies in the way they perceive social situations. A shy person will do their best to avoid a social situation while exhibiting characteristics associated with inhibition of behavior, which implies that they are poor judges of social situations. On the other hand, an introvert does not prefer engaging in social situations since they consider such situations socially taxing. The society identifies introverts as people who appear problematic and are at a high propensity of suffering depression, or even HIV. Consequently, the society tends to associate introversion with negative aspects that discount the benefits of introversion, and especially in the workplace and other important spheres of life. Importantly, this societal norm fails to identify the importance of the cautious aspect that introverts highly exhibit. The aspect of being cautious helps introverts become better leaders than extroverts since they make better decisions as they are better listeners than extroverts. Walsh identifies the character of being an introvert as one that is inherent by either being inborn or inherited. In effect, introverts fake things that help them fit into the society and become more social than their natural self, which is their introvert-self. To accentuate the point on introversion being inborn, research on four-month old infants identified children who were highly reactive to stimuli as likely to become introverts in future. After following up on these subjects after they grew older, the subjects that the research had identified as highly reactive grew to become introverted teenagers. In this case, high reaction to stimuli is associated with cautiousness, which is a fundamental characteristic of introverts. Despite the society reproaching introverts while young, there are benefits associated with introverts. Unlike extroverts, who the idea of rewards arouses them over the prioritization of risks, introverts prioritize risks associated with a situation in order to make a decision. Hence, most successful businesspeople are introverts since they analyze the risks involved in every situation and make the right decisions since they are mindful of the risks involved. For this reason, Warren Buffet has become the world’s largest investor due to his introverted nature that helps him analyze risks involved before making an investment decision. In matters related to governance, Obama, an introvert, has made better decisions than his predecessors Bush and Clinton (extroverts) since he can analyze a situation and identify potential threats that might risk his career. Hence, Bush went to war in Iraq while Clinton was involved in the Lewinsky scandal, events which put the careers of the two at risk, since they failed to analyze the potential risks involved and made the wrong decisions. Other than the characteristic of being wary of the risks involved, introverts acquire transcendent skills in various fields related to s ports, music, and even in studies and in many other fields and professions. According to a researcher who grouped musicians in various categories, musicians who practiced, most of the time, in solitude exhibited awe-inspiring

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