Friday, September 27, 2019

North Country Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

North Country - Essay Example However, an underlying issue in this positive feedback was the equally superb characterization of the other roles, which highlighted the value of the Josey Aimes character. One of the most important of these supporting roles was the character played by Frances McDormand, Glory Dodge. She was Aimes’ best friend and that she was the one who encouraged Josey to work on the mines. In perhaps the best description of Glory, Kyle spoke on her behalf and declared: â€Å"My name is Glory Dodge and I’m not fucking dead yet. I stand with Josey.† Through the other characters, Theron was able to deliver and demonstrate what was called for by her role. There was a requirement to give the character as well as the narrative the compelling human detail. Through Dodge, for example, the director and storyteller were able to depict a believable Josey, one who just wanted a house of her own, sufficient meals and clothes for her children and just enough extra dollars so she could buy her son hockey skates once in a while. Dodge played the proverbial best friend, who was there to highlight the need, frustrations and longings of the leading character. In many instances, she offered the ways out of the mess for Josey. Concerning the mine, it was Glory who told Josey about the mine, about how working for it could mean a decent life for her family. Dodge, besides playing the part of the best friend – the person who is there to help, cheer, scold and be nice to Josey – also reinforced Aimes’ experience as a woman miner. Like Josey, she was a miner and had been subjected to such workplace vicissitudes including being sexually harassed, discriminated upon and treated as someone inferior simply because of her gender. Glory warned that Josey have to be tough and that she should learn to get right back to the men and not to show that her experiences get to her. What is interesting here is that Dodge offered an alternative approach in dealing with

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