Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Policy Analysis and Rationality Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Policy Analysis and Rationality - Research Paper Example It is a plan of action that aims for desired outcomes. A policy is a set of decisions, which is oriented towards a long-term purpose or to a particular problem. Under ideal conditions, the policy-making apparatus is transparent, open, accessible, and amenable to change. However, often policy implementation reveals a wide gap between what is intended, and what actually the outcomes are. Public policy has two theoretical typologies; one, evidence-based academic inquiry and the other, practicality based institutional and professional experience. Pure research yields us the theoretical knowledge of ‘ what works’ institutional experience yields us the knowledge of ‘ what works in practicality’ The challenge for academics is to produce policy-relevant knowledge that can be practically applied in the field. The focus of activity in the institutional and professional arena is better management of learning and knowledge within government departments and agencies. Institutions help to develop systems, which can facilitate better management of ‘learning’ and enhance knowledge within government departments and agencies (Parsons, 2002). The policy is the administrative framework and mechanism to reach the desired outcomes. Policy decisions lead to outcomes that seek to change things for the better. Broadly and flexible, policy making is a participatory process involving the governments, the people represented by pressure groups and unions, and the media (Althaus, Bridgman, & Davis, 2008). Decisions thus made spell the course of action and guide the present as well as future decisions. The science of policy is pivoted around knowledge, policy-making, and power (Parsons, 2002). Policymaking necessarily consists of three successive stages of agenda setting, option formulation, and implementation. Yet, another stage of monitoring the outcomes and accordingly making directional changes can be added to it.

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