Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Written analysis of a quantitative research report to determine the Paper

Written analysis of a quantitative report to determine the validity of the study - Research Paper Example (Choi, 2005; Gardner, 2005a; Jeffreys, 2007b). Research on stress in nursing students indicates these students experience a variety of stressors, such as fear of failure, financial issues, patient care responsibilities, and balancing school work with personal life (Jones & Johnston, 1997, 1999). Furthermore, the greater the stress experienced, the greater the negative effects it has on student learning and success (Gwele & Uys, 1998; Jones & Johnston, 1997). Conceptual model is used in forms of diargrams and scales and it is used to help us understand the subject matter. This model includes 11 teaching strategies, such as prepairing learning objectives related to communication, premitting expression of identity and cultural sharing,providing bilinguaal and bicultural opportunities, modeling the use of texts and resources, and continuous assesment. The findings of this study reflect previous literature indicating that foreign-born nursing students report issues of discrimination, stereotyping, and cultural incompetence or incongruence (Gardner, 2005b; Jeffreys, 2007a). An interpretive phenomenological design was used to examine stress experiences and perceptions of faculty support among foreign-born generic baccalaureate nursing students. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis  (IPA) is an approach to psychological  qualitative research  with an idiographic focus, which means that it aims to offer insights into how a given person, in a given context, makes sense of a given  phenomenon. Usually these phenomena relate to experiences of some personal significance - such as a major life event, or the development of an important relationship. It has its theoretical origins in  phenomenology  and  hermeneutics, and key ideas from  Husserl,  Heidegger, and  Merleau-Ponty  are often cited  . IPA is one of several approaches to qualitative, phenomenological psychology. A purposeful sample of foreign-born

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