Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Knowledge Management at Tata Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Knowledge Management at Tata - Essay Example This paper highlights that KM is a vital aspect of organisational development, especially because of the large quantities of information generated in the modern organisational environment and the growing importance of information. Information is currently the most powerful asset in contemporary management. It must be managed and developed well for maximum benefits to be derived from it. Tata followed three recommended steps in any pioneering any knowledge management program. First, it sought out and brought together employees with specialisations in different practices but who had no experience in implementing knowledge management. This was the most important step in the process because the company had no KM history. It had never had a KM culture before, and a major shift was required to make the initiative a success. Consequently, it would have been pointless for the company to go attempt to implement KM processes (collection, organisation, development, sharing, and usage) without a solid foundation on which to base those activities. By adopting a bottom-up strategy to KM, Tata ensured that both effectiveness and sustainability were built into the blueprint. In the case study, it is stated that the company felt that its initiatives gravitated towards a cultural transformation instead of a project.

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