Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Healthcare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Healthcare - Essay Example We must understand the total package, by understanding their belief, culture. It is necessary to tap into their mental, emotional and physical need. Part of being a One Stop shopping medical facility and to include all of the right individuals from different field and title that is going to work all under the same umbrella to meet the patient care. Therefore, we would be engaging the help of a social worker to make those visits that would be necessary within the patient’s habitat. A community liaison is the key to providing continuing support, that will be providing a sense of accountability. Researchers have proven that when there is a reward at the end of any goal that helps keep the person focused and the goal more attainable. We have established an incentive program, where we would reward the patient for milestones attained, by writing a blurb in our newsletter detailing their journey and how they have done it to give others hope. The patient education would begin upon admission and continue for the duration of the program. It will flow over to the provider’s office and through the community, we believe that an educated patient will be less resistant and easier to help reach their goals. We offer many different options that the patients can take advantage of like group counseling or one on one therapy. In all this cultural factors will be considered to avoid conflicts with the

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