Friday, October 4, 2019

Thermal Solar Energy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Thermal Solar Energy - Essay Example (n.d). Cost of operation, equipment and maintenance is expensive. This necessitates the need for a source of energy that is renewable, available at low cost and eco-friendly. The best option is renewable energy that is restored by natural process. In regards to the UAE, the most available source of renewables is solar. The solar energy comes from the sun and the nuclear activities in the core of the sun release radiant energy. The solar energy is quickly converted into electrical or thermal energy (Cameron & Craig, 2010). The paper will discuss thermal solar power generation. It will also outline the advantages and disadvantages of thermal solar generation. Moreover, the essay will concentrate on the utilization of this kind of power in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The paper will consider the reason many people prefer this form of energy. Moreover, it will deliberate on the future of thermal solar power in energy growing economy. Solar thermal energy is a technology for exploiting the energy that comes from the solar for thermal heat. It is transferred from the sun rays and converted into electric current that is utilized in many industrial and domestic settings for electricity and heating purposes (Tabak, 2009). The thermal energy from the sun is described as a small, medium, or high form of energy that is gathered by thermal energy technology. The solar power relies on solar cell or photovoltaic devices that transform sun into electricity (Shakespeare, 2014). The concentrated solar power is a solar collector system that utilizes reflective surfaces to gather sunlight onto a tiny zone, where it is absorbed and transformed to electricity (Technology Fundamentals, 2003). Concentrating solar panels are categorized according to the manner in which they collect solar energy by utilizing power tower systems, linear concentrators, and engines/dishes. The systems

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