Sunday, November 17, 2019

The security threats and their strategic implications Essay

The security threats and their strategic implications - Essay Example Although the application of technology in different activities and practices in organizations is associated with a lot of benefits, there are also security threats that go hand in hand with it (Balogun and Hailey, 2004). This piece of work examines the security threats suffered by organizations that utilize social networking networks and the strategic implications they have on the particular organizations. The essay also tries to identify the means and approaches adopted by organizations in their effort to achieve strategic change using ICTs, the key issues associated with the approaches, and practical examples of effectiveness of the ICTs in bringing about strategic change through case examples, (Coca-Cola Company Ltd.). There is a lot of relevant literature from research undertaken in this field which can help us in the understanding of this topic more specifically the security threats associated with social network applications and their implications in organizations. According to Jenny (2010), social networking is a tool that has helped organizations meet their goals for instance through the establishment of business contacts. Jenny also names the four best social networking free applications as the Fishbowl, Flexamail, Tweetdeck, and Microsoft Silverlight 4 client for Facebook. Fishbowl is an application that helps in the integration of social networking with the computer desktop. Flexamail on the other hand allows for easy access of different social network sites like Facebook and Twitter while Tweetdeck.

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