Wednesday, November 6, 2019

God Gold Glory essays

God Gold Glory essays 1.) Explain the significance of the phrase God, Glory, and Gold to the exploration and settlement of the Americas. There were three main things that were important to the explorers and settlers of the Americas. God, Glory, and Gold was a phrase commonly used among the people that came to this country in those early days, they are the motives, or reasons that brought them here. In many European countries, religious persecution fueled peoples desire to find a new place to settle. Explorers sought to bring back new riches and land to their mother country in order to receive high honors from their King or Queen. Stories of countless riches, and endless amounts of gold inspired young men to pack up and head off to the Americas to make their fortune. 2.) Explain the motives as well as the results of Spanish, French, and English exploration in the Americas. There were many reasons Europeans decided to explore the new world. The Spanish, French, and English where a few, they had many motives, and some different results. With the right motivation, you can get a person to do most anything. Some of the motives these three countries had were very similar, and some varied from one another. In the end, the land these European explorers claimed for their countries eventually broke away, and formed new independent nations. French influence can be found places like Louisiana, and Canada, English in much of North America, and Spanish throughout Mexico, and South America. ...

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