Saturday, February 8, 2020

Socioemotional Development Education Assignment

Socioemotional Development Education - Assignment Example The second determinant of the friendship among the children is the social and economic backgrounds. The teacher revealed that more than 40% of the friendship witnessed in class is determined by the social status of the families of the children. He noted that most of those children who come from rich families are more likely to become friends. Third form of relationship witnessed in classroom environment is determined by academic factors. The teacher revealed that most children who share common academic performance tend to relate with each other. The last form of friendship that was noted is determined by the geographic setting. It was found that those children from the same geographic location exhibit closer friendship. In another interview to determine the things that make a kid popular, a number of things came out. The teacher asserted that academic performance is the main factor that makes the kids popular. He noted that when a kid is regularly awarded for a good work he or she ha s done, the others will see him or her taking the reward hence become more popular both to the teachers and other children. He also stated that the level of physical activity of the child play a significant role in determining popularity of the child. He noted that the when he or she is playful, jovial and happy become more popular than others mainly because his or her playfulness would enable him interact with more children. The third determinant of the popularity of a child is the level of discipline. The findings from the interview show that extremely rude kids are more popular than those who are average in their discipline. Equally, very discipline kids are more popular than those whose levels of disciplines are average. As far as the rejection and neglecting of the kids in school is concerned, the teacher revealed a number of factors behind these issues. He stated that disability is one of the major factors behind the rejection and neglecting of the kids. He argues that normal kids do not like to associate themselves with the physically challenged kids. Because of this, the handicapped kids would feel rejected. The second factor that the teacher identified is racial discrimination. The teacher stated that despite the fact that the school administration discourages any form of racial discrimination; the whites normally reject kids from different races especially from blacks. However, the teacher claims that they do not express it explicitly mainly because it is against the school rules. The social background of the kid is another factor leading to rejection and neglecting. It was noted that a kid who is from a humble background is usually neglected and rejected by those who come from rich families. The last factor is the academic performances. A kid who has poor academic performances can be rejected and neglected by his or her classmates. Question two answer The interview was then focused into elucidation of ways of reversing the cases of rejection and neg lecting is through reversing the above factors. The teacher noted that the best way of reversing the issues of related to poor academic performance is by improving the academic performance. He also noted that the cases associated with the disabilities can be solved by encouraging the students to show love and care on each other. Additionally, I interviewed the teacher on the approaches that should be adopted in order to assist kids with disabilities. He

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