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The Organization of American States - 655 Words

The Organization of American States is the world’s oldest regional organization, having roots as far back as the 1826 Congress of Panama (United States Permanent Mission, n.d.). The Charter of the OAS was signed in 1948 by 21 member states and entered into force by December 1951, officially creating the Organization of American States. Today, 35 independent countries of the America have ratified the Charter and belong to the Organization, and over 68 other states, as well as the European Union, have been granted permanent observer status. The primary focus of the Organization, as stipulated in Article 1 of the Charter, is to achieve among its member states â€Å"an order of peace and justice, to promote their solidarity, to strengthen their collaboration, and to defend their sovereignty, their territorial integrity, and their independence† (Charter of the Organization of American States, 1967). While trade is not one of the Organization’s original four main pilla rs (those being democracy, human rights, security, and development), in recent years, more emphasis has been placed on trade. In 1945, the Inter-American Economic and Social Council (CIES) was founded, and under the 1948 charter, became one of the permanent organs of the OAS. It originally had two committees: the Permanent Executive Committee (CEPCIES), and the Special Committee for Consultation and Negotiation (CECON). The 1993 Protocol of Managua created the Inter-American Council for Integral DevelopmentShow MoreRelatedEssay on Cross Cultural Perspectives1036 Words   |  5 PagesCross-Cultural Perspectives Organizations come in many different forms and sizes. An organization is any entity that purses a mission or serves a purpose in a society or community. Businesses, governments, schools, charities, etc., are all different types of organizations. Society and communities in American and throughout the world rely on organizations to provide goods and services necessary for people to sustain life. In today’s world societies and nations are becoming more and more connectedRead MoreThe Role Of Policing During The United States Essay934 Words   |  4 Pagesfactors that contribute to today’s American policing. Once such factor that contribute tremendously to today’s policing came in 1829 when Sir Robert Peel’s concept of policing came into effect. This would change the way policing would be performed in not only England, but the United States (U.S) and around the world. Another huge factor that impacts policing is the relationship the U.S. Government has with policing. These factors affect every policing organization in the U.S. Sir Robert Peel hadRead MoreEthics of Red Cross1495 Words   |  6 PagesBoone Code of Ethics A Look at the American Red Cross Date: January 25, 2015 The American Red Cross has been known to be one of the most humanitarian organizations in the United States and throughout the world aiding and helping in different series of generous contributions in many disaster areas as well as bringing health care advancement to communities in the Unites States and in the world that need help in development (Dulles, 2014). For an organization it is important to make sure thatRead MoreAmerican Counseling Association For Counseling Professionals Essay810 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican Counseling Association The American Counseling Association (ACA) is the most sizeable worldwide association for counseling professionals (American Counseling Association., n.d.). The American Counseling Association (ACA) is a nonprofit organization (American Counseling Association., n.d.). The American Counseling Association (ACA) is based out of Alexandria, VA (American Counseling Association., n.d.). It was founded in 1952, by the convergence of four different associations in LosRead MoreEssay on Comparative Summary1124 Words   |  5 Pagesindustry there are different types program sector organizations, which has its own uniqueness. The different sectors of health care are divided amongst the for-profit, non-profit, and government organizations because they all have a common goal but the financial aspect is the same when it comes to providing care to patients. Within the three types of organization types, the financial need is collected and reported differently due to the organization common goal, fin ancial environment and communityRead MoreRace Riots Advancement for African Americans in America Essay1464 Words   |  6 PagesRace riots in America is a story told so little, but a story that is key to the hard work and road laid for African Americans. In the 20th century in times where we knew African Americans fought persistently for Civil Rights, seldom is their the story about the early 20th century. In the beginnings of the 20th century Riots broke out across all of the United States, over eight issues which included the following: Prejudice, Economic Competition, Political Corruption and Exploitation of Negro VotersRead MoreAccountable Care Organizations1555 Words   |  7 PagesAccountable Care Organizations and The National Healthcare System | :The Next generation of Healthcare in America | | Accountable Care Organizations and the National Healthcare System The Next Generation of Healthcare in America National healthcare has been a hot button issue around dinner tables in America for years. Everyone seems to have an option on what will or will not work, how our county will afford it and what a plan would entail. Although we are unsure of how a plan wouldRead MoreProfessional Organizations Were Created To Assist In The1376 Words   |  6 PagesProfessional organizations were created to assist in the growth and development of a profession (Black, 2014). For example, nurses use organizations to improve health and working conditions that result in changing the way health is delivered to a population (Black, 2014). These organizations allow individuals to express their opinions on current issues, enhance their knowledge of the profession, and facilitate relationships with other individuals that share the same interest and concerns. To getRead MoreRadical Islamic Terrorism1636 Words   |  7 Pages Over the past decade plus snice the attacks of 9/11, the American people have become more aware of radical Islamic terrorism and it has become a constant topic of debate and fear by the people. In 2011 as the ten year anniversary of 9/11 approached, then President Obama laid out the national strategy for counterterrorism and eight overreaching goals. Two of the eight overarching goals was to â€Å"deprive terrorist of their enabling means† and to â€Å"prevent terrorist development, acquisition, and use ofRead MoreThe Formation Of Grassroots Organizations1335 Words   |  6 PagesThe formation of grassroots organizations in the mid twentieth century proved to be an essential driving force of the Asian American movement, mainly due to their ambitions and ability to attack racial problems in communities. At the height of the 1960’s civil rights movement, the Asian American Political Alliance, and the I Wor Kuen were notable grassroot organizations. The AAPA, for short, was birthed on the campus of UC Berkeley in California, while the I Wor Kuen was fo rmed in New York City’s

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