Monday, August 26, 2019

Meeting the Needs of Millennial (Gen Y) Students in Higher Education Research Paper

Meeting the Needs of Millennial (Gen Y) Students in Higher Education - Research Paper Example The technological and sociological changes have influenced greatly upon the educational needs of millennial students. Internet has been the main influence on the educational process on the Generation Y students. Their needs are very different from older generations and educators have been trying to find how they can meet the needs of millennial students. In this paper we will review some existing literature and identify the gaps that exist in the researches done on identifying and meeting the needs of millennial students in higher education. Later in the paper personal perspective will be given on the issue of meeting the needs of higher education students. It is very important to first and foremost identify the needs of higher education students of Generation Y students. Much work in done in this regard as student needs are not only important for educational needs but also for business purposes. It is very important for universities and college to assess the needs of students and fulfill them in order to attract more and more students. New methods are being employed in universities in order to facilitate learning. The use of technology is one of the most basic improvements in educational facilities in the past decade or so. The infusion of technology is considered necessary in order to fulfill the requirements of millennial students as they belong to the information age (Dede, C. 2004). Computer technology is being made available to the students on campuses. Universities invest heavily on computers and internet because for young students these technologies have become a part of life and without it learning process cannot continue. Wireless internet services are now part of almost every university. This should be seen as an attempt by higher education institutions to meet the needs of millennial students. Universities are not only investing in computer technology and internet but they are also using

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